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Custom Concrete Cardboard Tubes

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Custom Concrete Cardboard TubesCustom Concrete Cardboard Tubes
Custom Concrete Cardboard Tubes

Concrete Cardboard Tubes

Concrete cardboard tubes are used in the construction industry as forms for concrete posts or pillars. The cardboard tube can be filled with wet concrete during construction. The tube holds the concrete in place until it dries, creating a firm concrete pillar with a uniform shape and diameter. The cardboard tube can be cut and removed after the concrete has been given time to cure. This convenient alternative to more traditional concrete forms can make construction much faster and easier for many of our customers or the businesses that the supply.

Leading Manufacturer of Concrete Cardboard Tubes

Western Container has a long tradition of manufacturing and producing paper wound products which include Concrete Forms. Western Container has the capability to manufacturer and produce almost any size concrete form up to 20" ID currently with the capability of producing up to 24" in ID.

  • Current Concrete forms can be produced with a wax liner for easy peel off.
  • Custom cores sizes available upon request.
  • Most common sizes include, 6", 8", 12", 15", 16", 18" & 20"
  • Quick turnaround and cost effective manufacturing

Western Container can provide you with almost any core imaginable for your operations.

To learn more about our custom concrete cardboard tubes, see the table below and contact Western Container today.

Our Commitment

At Western Container, we are committed to meeting the demands of our customers. We manufacture quality products that are durable, affordable and fully customized to meet the exact specifications of your unique application. All of this is possible because of our highly advanced manufacturing equipment and our skilled team of employees. we'll work with you from start to finish to ensure that you end up with paper tubes or paper cores that help you get your job done. Contact us today to experience our excellent customer service!

Other Products

Custom concrete cardboard tubes are just one of the many products that we manufacture at Western Container. We can also create composite cans,

small ID paper cores


large ID paper cores


custom industrial packaging paper tubes

and more! Browse through the products on our website to find out what We're capable of, or give us a call today at 1-800-393-7917. We even carry a wide selection of packaging supplies & boxes to make your shipping and handling easier.

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