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Custom Mailing Tubes

Based out of Beloit, Wisconsin Western Container Corporation is a proud manufacturer of all things paper tube and paper core. We specialize in spiral wound paper tubes and precision cores, which can be used for a wide range of applications and are found in a number of different industries. Over the years we have built a number of advantageous business relationships in order to enhance our customer service. More specifically we partner with the world's top paper tube equipment designers in order to ensure that our customers are benefiting from the best of the best when it comes to the latest technological improvements.

One area that we excel in is providing top of the line custom mailing tubes that are built to order and contain the right properties to serve your application well. We have an extensive portfolio of successful projects for you to look over if need be. You will find that we are well-equipped to provide you with mailing tubes, protective packaging and other custom paper tube needs that are all based on your own unique needs and requirements. Whether you require a specific tube thickness, or custom material or even just your own branding; Western Container Corporation would be happy to provide you with a solution.

All of our products go through extensive testing and inspection in order to be sure that they meet your specifications. We accept virtually any sized order, large or small and perhaps the most valuable thing about our company is that we are able to provide an average lead time of 2 to 5 days on just about all of our products. Contact us today for more information and fill out our request a quote form found on our website. We can't wait to start working on a solution for you today!

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