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Custom Skived Core Alternative for Industrial Applications

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What is skiving?

Skiving is a special machining process whereby material is shaved off the top ply edge for use in paper cores. The seam of the cut piece is glued and re-cut. Without rolling the material, the paper core is less stiff, which is perfect for many different applications where custom film core is the best solution. Skiving is also performed on other materials like metal or laminates using a machine, but the same concept works very well with tubes and cores.

At Western Container Corporation, we are continually innovating and refining processes to create precision paper tube products that fit a range of applications. The product shown here is a skived core alternative that was developed for a customer in the stretch film industry. The core is specifically designed to meet the needs of the flexible material converting industries and is produced with inner diameters from 3.00" to 12.00" and corresponding wall thicknesses that range from 0.124" to 0.75".

Customers in these industries have dealt with a lack of industry standard for film cores and inconsistencies between runs from other manufacturers. To resolve these issues, we set up a process consisting of winding, multi-knife cutting, precision application using a glue pot, and re-cutting. Following a set procedure that relies on precision tooling and high quality equipment has allowed us to produce these cores to tolerances as tight as ±0.005" on the re-cut length

Customers have reported back that this project was a great success and allows them to transfer film, textiles, and non-woven materials onto the cores very efficiently without jamming machines or constantly having to adjust setting to accommodate dimensional variances. We produce approximately 30,000 of these cores annually and can typically provide custom skived alternative cores in 3 to 5 days. For additional information about this custom film core project, see the table below, or contact us directly.

Advanced Capabilities

Western Container is able to offer creative custom solutions like custom skived cores because our facility is equipped with the latest machinery and technology. Tooling with Western Container is fast and affordable, and the results are always precise. We believe in not only keeping up with industry trends, but also getting ahead of them. We like to be the first manufacturer to offer certain custom products to our customers, and sometimes that means learning what their needs our and then developing a brand new way of doing things.

About Us
Western Container has been in the spiral wound paper core business since 1942. Our long history is a testament to the quality of our products and the excellence of our customer service. Over the course of the business's lifetime, we have continued to expand our capabilities and add equipment that allows us to serve a broader customer base with custom paper cores and tubes. Today, Western Container continues to grow and provide major customers around the country with custom paper cores, paper tubes, packaging supplies and more. Contact us today to learn more!

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Custom Skived Core Alternative Project Highlights

Project Name
Western Skived Core Alternative
Project Description
Cores used in the winding of stretch film and other flexible substrates.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Multi-Knife Cutting
Precision Application Glue Pot
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
Core Winding Machine, In-Line Knife Cuter, Eberle Precision Re-Cutter, In-Line Multi Knife Cutter
Overall Part Dimensions
3.00” I.D. though 12.00" ID (.124 x .750 wall)
Tightest Tolerances
Tightest tolerances of .005 re-cut lengths
Material Used
Paper buildups to meet customer desired wall thicknesses
Material Finish
Brown recycled Kraft outer
In process testing/inspection performed
Testing completed on all products though time stamp data collection on all machines. Full testing lab available to match products
Industry for Use
Film, Poly Bag, Paper, Textiles, Non-Woven
Delivery/Turnaround Time
3 – 5 days
Delivery Location
United States
Standards Met
Standards of +/- .010 across dimensions of ID and Wall thickness. Blade cut in-line of +/- .125 or Re-cut off line of .010 length tolerance. Multi-knife cutting in line tolerance of +/- .020

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