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Winding & Knife Cutting of Tape/Label Cores for Tape & Label Manufacturing

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Group of Spiral Tape, Label and Film CoresGroup of Spiral Tape, Label and Film Cores
Western Tape/Label Cores

At Western Container, we currently produce over 2,000,000 tape and label cores per month for a variety of customers. Our high capacity production capabilities combined with fast turnaround times allow customers a great deal of flexibility, including the ability to get the cores they need without carrying extensive inventory at their facility. As procurement specialists we ensure that raw material is always available to fill short orders to keep up with customer demand. Our quality engineers spend extensive time on the floor ensuring all customer specifications are met.

Recycled Kraft Paper Core

The product highlighted here is a recycled Kraft paper core with an inner diameter of 3.025”, a length of 4.125”, and a wall thickness of 0.124”. We produce this product with black, red, blue, and white, MG Kraft paper liners, according to customer specifications. The cores are wound to create the desired wall thickness, cut on in-line knife cutting machines, and re-cut to refine the precision of the cut, holding tolerances as tight as ±0.005”.

We understand how critical precise, consistent wall thicknesses are to tape performance in automated machinery and conduct thorough testing using data collected from manufacturing machinery, to verify conformance to all specifications. We manufacture approximately 100,000 of these cores per month with a lead time of 2 to 3 days. For additional information about this custom tape and label core manufacturing project, see the table below, or contact us directly.

More Products from Western Container

Western Container is a premier manufacturer of all kinds of paper cores and paper tubes. Our tape and label cores represent only one area in which we excel. Other products that we manufacture for our customers include:

  • Colored mail tubes
  • Industrial paper tubes
  • Concrete cardboard tubes
  • Large & Small ID paper cores
  • Film Cores
  • Packaging supplies & boxes

Almost all of the products that we manufacture are fully customizable so that we can provide you with something that meets your exact specifications. To learn more about these and other products, browse through the product pages of our website our give us a call today at 1-800-393-7917.

About Us
Since 1942, Western Container has been committed to meeting the needs of all its customers through excellent customer service and advanced manufacturing capabilities. Our quick turnaround times and close attention to detail make us the number one choice for businesses throughout Wisconsin and across the country. We continue to expand our capabilities and lead the industry through our use of innovative machinery and techniques. Whatever your paper core or paper tube needs may be, you can be sure that Western Container can meet them!

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Tape/Label Cores Project Highlights

Project Name
Western Tape/Label Cores
Project Description
Cores used in the winding of tape and labels.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Knife Cutting
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
Core Winding Machine, In-Line Knife Cuter, Eberle Precision Re-Cutter
Overall Part Dimensions
3.025 I.D x 4.125” length x .124” wall
Tightest Tolerances
Tightest tolerances of .005 cut lengths
Material Used
Paper buildups to meet customer desired wall thicknesses
Material Finish
Brown recycled Kraft outer, MG Kraft liner outside, Black, Red, Blue, White
In process testing/inspection performed
Testing completed on all products though time stamp data collection on all machines. Full testing lab available to match products
Industry for Use
Tape & Label Manufacturing
Delivery/Turnaround Time
2 - 3 days
Delivery Location
United States
Standards Met
Standards of +/- .010 across all dimensions. ID, Wall thickness and Length

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