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Some of the Best Custom Tape and Label Cores Out There

Based in Beloit, Wisconsin Western Container Corporation has been a progressive manufacturer of spiral wound paper tubes and precision cores for a number of years. Because of the products that we offer we have been able to build relationships with clients throughout a number of different industries and dealing with a wide range of applications. We strive to be the best in what we do at every level of our business, from safety standards to our strict quality control standards.

While we offer a number of different products and services, we're choosing to focus this blog piece on our custom tape and label cores. We are proud to say that we one of the Midwest's most trusted suppliers when it comes to tape and label cores. We look to maintain this status as we continually are making innovations in both our products and how we do things in order to make your business better. Because we have a solid relationship with the world's top paper tube equipment designers we are able to ensure that you are going to benefit from the latest and greatest technology that the industry has to offer. Western Container Corporation is proud to be the Midwest's trusted supplier of premium custom tape and custom label cores. Our cores can be .192" to 636" long as well as have a wall thickness range of .024" to .750". In addition we offer an inside diameter range of .50" to 12", plus 13", 16" and 20"!

Our focus in every aspect of our business is on the customer and your needs, this is a fundamental component of our company. We seek out the individual needs of our customers and we long to meet the needs and requirements that you might have. Contact us today toll free at (800) 393-7917 we can't wait to hear from you so we can start meeting your needs!

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