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Why You Might Need Composite Cans

"What exactly is a composite can?", you might be wondering. Well, we will answer that question first before we explain why you might need them. A composite can is a can that is made using composite materials like cardboard, plastics and paper. These are usually recycled products, which is why composite cans are usually considered to be an eco-friendly packaging solution. The composite is tightly spun in a spiral or linear form to create a rigid, hollow cylinder. Products can be placed inside this can and it can be sealed using plastic of metal end caps for added security. The composite materials are pulled through a set of tools during manufacturing to create the desired shape. Composite cans are always in a cylindrical shape, but there are many possibilities in terms of the height and diameter that can be made.

Now that you understand what composite cans are, why does your business need them? Besides the fact that they're affordable and eco-friendly, they make great display packaging on store shelves. Composite cans can have labels added to the outside in full color to display your logo and other images. This gives your product lots of visibility and adds a professional touch to your packaging. At Western Container, we even have FDA approved food-safe liners for composite cans if you are going to use the cans you order for food packaging. We can create tubes with a diameter of anywhere between 1.5" and 4.9". We test and inspect our composite cans during manufacturing to make sure they meet the necessary requirements for your application.

To order custom composite cans or learn more about our design process and capabilities, just give us a call today. We accept both large and small orders, and we'd be glad to provide you with a detailed quote before getting started on a project. In just a short amount of time, we could provide you with composite cans that show off your brand and make the perfect packaging for your product. Western Container is here to serve your business, so get in touch with us as soon as possible!

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