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Film Cores

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Film Cores for the Film IndustryFilm Cores for the Film Industry
Western Film Cores (Caution Film/Tape Core)

A film is a thin layered plastic sheet that is produced by plastic manufacturing industries. These thin sheets of flattened-out plastic are manufactured in the form of rolls and are employed primarily in packaging. Industries that make these films package them by winding them around paper cores. These cores are made by winding together layers of paper or paperboard to make sturdy, hollow, and typically cylindrical structures. Adhesives are used to laminate or glue the paper layers together. During production, the number of layers wrapped might affect the tube's wall thickness. The paper cores around which film is wrapped are known as film cores.

What is a Film Core?

A film core is essentially a hard textured paper core of customizable length and thickness around which film sheets are wound. Film cores are specifically manufactured to allow thin film sheets to get stretched enough so they are efficiently rolled around them. Not only are they designed to keep the film from breaking, but the film cores also protect the quality of the plastic film.

Film Cores at Western Container

Western Container specializes in the manufacturing of film cores. They ensure the production of quality film cores in order to allow their customers to procure stretch films of the highest quality. The methods employed at the Western Container ensure that the required capacity is properly fulfilled and that the desired tolerances are given to keep the uniformity in the stretch films wound around the film core. To be precise, the manufactured film cores are given lengths between 14" & 24", an inside diameter of 3.025", and a thickness of 0.375".

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Winding & Cutting of Film Cores for the Film Industry

At Western Container, we have multiple production lines set up, which allow us to work on multiple projects simultaneously, reducing lead times when quick turnaround is required. The cores shown here are used by a customer in the film industry to wind stretch film and other flexible materials. We produce these cores using a paper tube winding machine coupled with in-line multi-knife cutters. A re-cutting process is used to expand capacity and refine the tolerances on length to as tight as ±0.005". The finished core has an inner diameter of 3.025" with a wall thickness of 0.375", and measures 3.00" in length.

Time stamp data is collected on all machines to verify core quality and track products through the production cycle. Since cores that fall outside dimensional tolerances can shut down production during the film winding and converting process, it is essential that all cores remain consistent and to specifications across production lots. Our engineers developed the necessary processes and tooling to ensure customers receive the premium quality cores they require.

In addition to providing premium quality cores, we developed a custom JIT stocking and shipping program for the customer, allowing them to get product in as little as one day, when needed. We produce 65,000 of these products per month with a standard delivery time of 3 to 5 days. For additional information about this custom film core manufacturing project, see the table below, or contact us directly.

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Other Applications of Film Cores

The applications of a film core are similar to any standard paper core. Because these paper cores are employed to wrap a wide range of products, such as plastic sheets, stretch wrap, nonwoven fabric, etc., around them, any industry which uses these products will fall into the category in which film cores find their applications.

Following are some of the industries where film cores are used in abundance:

  • Food and Beverages Industry

Packaging rolls of plastic film sheets are paramount in the food and beverages industry. Therefore, film cores are used on packing machines to wind around the ready-to-be-dispatched food or beverage product.

  • Medicine Industry

The medicine industry also employs film cores in abundance. Medicine batches are produced and encased in their packets and afterward are packaged using film cores.

  • Fabric Industry

The fabric industry is one of the most active users of film cores because the nonwoven fabric needs to be packaged instantly after its manufacturing process to protect it from damage or bends. Film cores are used by the workers to wrap the nonwoven fabric.

Quality Paper Tubes & Cores
Western Container Corporation specializes in manufacturing affordable and high quality paper tubes and paper cores for customers nationally and internationally. Our fast turnaround times and advanced equipment make it possible for our team to create fully customized tubes and cores for many different industries. With a wide range of types, sizes and extra features, Western Container is capable of taking on almost any custom paper core or paper tube project for your business. We even have a large stock of packaging supplies & materials for all of your shipping needs.

About Us
Western Container is located in Beloit, Wisconsin. From our state-of-the-art facility, we manufacture specialized paper tubes and paper cores for customers in many different industries. Our film cores are just one small example of the quality customized products that we can make.

We've built our business on a firm commitment to meeting the needs of our customers. One way that we do this is by maintaining close relationships with the world's leading paper tube equipment designers so that we can access specialized equipment that is capable of manufacturing exactly what our customers want. In many cases, we are the only manufacturing company that is capable of creating certain products.

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Film Cores Project Highlights

Project Name
Western Film Cores (Caution Film/Tape Core)
Project Description
Cores used in the winding of stretch film and other flexible substrates.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Knife Cutting
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
Core Winding Machine, In-Line Knife Cuter, Eberle Precision Re-Cutter, In-Line Multi Knife Cutter
Overall Part Dimensions
3.025 I.D. x .375 Wall x 3.00 Length
Tightest Tolerances
Tightest tolerances of .005 re-cut lengths
Material Used
Paper buildups to meet customer desired wall thicknesses
Material Finish
Brown recycled Kraft outer, MG Kraft liner outside skived alternative.
In process testing/inspection performed
Testing completed on all products though time stamp data collection on all machines. Full testing lab available to match products
Industry for Use
65,000 monthly
Delivery/Turnaround Time
3 – 5 days
Delivery Location
United States
Standards Met
Standards of +/- .010 across dimensions of ID and Wall thickness. Blade cut in-line of +/- .125 or Re-cut off line of .010 length tolerance. Multi-knife cutting in line tolerance of +/- .020

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