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Types of Mailing Tubes

As a mailing tube manufacturer we know that there are many different styles and types of mailing tubes out there. Each with their own set of advantages depending on the application, not all of them offer the same amount of protection as some applications do not require it and would therefore be an unneeded expenditure. The following is a quick breakdown of the different styles of mailing tubes that can be used in a couple different applications.

Protection Tubes: These tubes are designed with fragile products in mind. They have reinforced cardboard walls and a special padding in the interior that protects the equipment and supplies that are inside the tube. These tubes are often customized for their products in order to provide the most protection possible. The customer is the one that can choose all of the specifications based on their own unique needs.

Mailing Tubes: These tubes are far less rigid than protection tubes and not nearly as complex. They are typically used to protect documents from bending or getting damaged during shipment. They are often spiral rolled and sized based on the customer's specifications.

Paper Tubes: These are the thinnest form of mailing tube, and are usually pretty easy to bend meaning they offer very little protection outside of protection from outside elements. They are made from light cardboard that is spiral rolled, very similar to a paper towel roll.

Spiral Tubes: These tubes are wound using long strips of cardboard into a spiral shape; these are the most common types of mailing tubes as you can tell most of the mailing tubes we discussed were made in a spiral shape.

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