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Paper Tubing Packaging

Spiral Wound Tube Manufacturer

As a prize winning business, Western Container continues to improve and innovate to produce our high-quality products and provide exceptional customer service. In accordance with our success, we are expanding our operation to better meet customer demands with a state of the art $8 million 74,375 square foot manufacturing facility southeast of the city of Janesville, Wisconsin, that will produce our industry standard spiral wound tubing.

New Spiral Wound Tubing Facility

The new location will specialize in high strength film core spiral wound tubing using two cutting edge manufacturing lines from TCM Solutions. The two lines will be augmented with automated palletization to increase efficiency and productivity. Additionally, to improve the speed of distribution, the facility will have eight shipping docks for enhanced material flow and fast shipment of the finished spiral wound tubing.

Increasing Efficiency at Western Container

In our continuing efforts to increase efficiency, Western Container has invested in palletizers for end of line automatic stacking of products. One of the newest developments in material handling, palletizers automatically stack, arrange, sort, and prioritize products for smooth and economical movement of finished products in preparation for shipping or further processing. Palletizers lessen the need for handling of products and combine the operations of weighing, counting, sorting, labeling, and wrapping into one unified automated function.

As a producer of the highest quality spiral wound tubing in the industry, Western Container has taken another leap forward in its goal to produce the best products on the market. The technologically advanced Janesville facility is one more step in our continuing desire to meet and exceed the needs of our customers.

Advantages of Spiral Wound Tubing

In the many years that Western Container has been manufacturing spiral wound tubing, we have been recognized for our dedication to detail and for being the most progressive manufacturer of spiral wound tubing in the industry. The quality of our products can be seen in the creative and innovative ways our customers use our spiral wound tubing by applying it to unusual applications that test and stress its strength.

As a highly durable and sturdy product, Western Container spiral wound tubing has been used to protect products and materials due to its high impact resistance. Using the expertise and knowledge of our engineering staff, and the visions and concepts of our customers, we have been able to produce spiral wound tubing products that perfectly match customer expectations.

Formation of Spiral Wound Tubing

Spiral wound tubing production by Western Container uses a tube winding machine coupled with in-line multi-knife cutters. Paper rolls are cut into narrow width ribbons that are rewound into rolls on a rewinding stand. The large ribbon rolls are loaded into a tube manufacturing machine and coated with an adhesive. They are then wound at a helical angle of less than 90° over a mandrel, a cylinder used for shaping the tubing. The carefully selected adhesives have been engineered by Western Container engineers to be compatible with the winding materials to ensure a tight, secure, and lasting bond. The thickness of the tubing is dependent on the thickness of the paper ribbons, the thickness of the adhesive, and the number of turns of the ribbons.

The helical twisting of the paper ribbons forms a bond with each layer as the plies are lain upon each other. Pressure, to ensure tight adhesion, is applied by a flexible belt that wraps around the layers of paper ribbons. The process ensures the creation of a secure, tight, and solid bond between the different ribbons to produce a strong, sturdy, and durable tubing.

An important aspect of spiral wound tubing is the need for dimensional accuracy with tight interior diameters (ID) controlled by the mandrel to accurately meet tolerances of ± 0.010 inch. The outside diameter (OD) is determined by the material used with tolerances of ± 0.035 inch. Once the winding is completed, the tubing is cured before being cut to lengths, fabricated, and printed.

Spiral wound tubing by Western Container has superior mechanical properties and characteristics with resistance to tearing, abrasions, and strength. These are a few of the many reasons Western Container is the leader in spiral wound tubing manufacturing.

Film Cores Construction

At Western Container, film cores are constructed from plies of materials of different thicknesses to achieve specific tolerances and crush ratings. We offer film cores with diameters beginning at 3.025" up to 8.025" using regular Kraft liner material with outer surfaces of glazed Kraft or printed with one up to four colors off line printing.

Cores can be 0.192” up to 636” long with wall thicknesses from 0.036" to 0.750". Depending on dimensions, tolerances may be as precise as ± 0.010" or ± 0.025" depending on the diameter/wall thicknesses and internal dimensions.

Western Container’s new facility, in Janesville, has two lines of core manufacturing equipment from TCM Solutions that are the newest development and next generation in spiral wound tubing manufacturing equipment using innovative and technologically advanced engineering.

The staff of experts and engineers at Western Container are ready for any challenge you have for us. With the opening of our new facility and its technological advances, we are more than ready to meet and exceed your requirements. Call us at 1-800-393-7917 for a quote and consultation.

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