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The Versatility of Paper Tubes

Paper Tubes have a number of different uses and application, common ones include paper towel tubes, housing toilet paper, wrapping paper tubes, mailing tubes and a number of other commercial uses. Occasionally paper tubes can even be used in a manufacturing setting as insulation for piping.

A more unknown use of paper tubes is actually their use by beekeepers. Paper tubes are often stacked into a hexagonal shape, similar to the shape bees make in their own hives; this attracts bees to nest in them. Now these types of tubes are made a bit differently than the standard paper tube, as a standard tube would break apart in outside conditions.

A paper tubes designed for beekeeping purposes are designed to withstand these environmental factors in addition, this extra coating makes it easier for the bees to make a hive within them. The beekeepers are able to easily cut into these tubes to extract the delicious honey from within. This goes to show the versatility of paper tubes and just how prevalent they are in our day to day lives. While our paper tubes are not yet suitable for beekeeping purposes we do carry paper tubes for a number of different applications and industries.

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