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Where to Find Paper Cores

Paper cores are made from wood pulp and are designed to provide stability from the inside of wrapped products such as wrapping paper and other applications. The following are just a few examples of where you may find paper cores being used:

Tape: The final process of manufacturing tape consists of the tape being wound over a very long tube, often times this tube can reach lengths greater than 20 feet. Because of the length of the tube and the weight of the tape, the core of the tube must be able to withstand an immense amount of force without collapsing. Once the rolling phase is complete the tube is cut into smaller portions which will relieve the pressure on the interior core.

Plastic Sheeting: Similar to how tape is packaged, plastic sheeting is wound around large paper cores. These cores must be able to support the weight of hundreds of pounds of plastic without collapsing. These tubes are often made from stronger wood pulp cores.

Fabric: Wood pulp cores are also used to support the surprisingly heavy fabric rolls. Some of the rolls can weigh up to as much as 400 pounds, meaning that the internal core of the tube must be heavyweight to ensure the product will not fail.

Paper Rolls: Paper rolls can be very heavy and it is important that the cores they are wound around can withstand the weight because if they were to collapse the paper would become creased and lose its shape.

Sturdy paper cores are used in these applications and so many others in order to provide structural stability to otherwise awkward to transport products. So the next time you purchase a roll of duct tape or plastic sheeting, check out the paper cores to see if you can tell the difference between the two cores.

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