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Paper Cores

The primary goal of a packaging department in any industry is to ensure the safety of the product being packed and protect it from damage. The packaged product is often fragile, and the need for a core arises when the product can be wound around an object. Cores are made to provide a robust structure from inside a product roll. Paper cores offer support from the outside, in contrast to shipping and postal tubes that act as an exterior protective covering for goods. A core must therefore be strong enough to withstand the force of the material looped around it.

Introduction to Western Container

Western Container has been among the many fine manufacturers of paper cores since its inception in 1942. The primary focus at Western Container is on the provision of quality paper cores to its customers. Engineers at Western Container can create unique paper core solutions for various applications. As one of the Midwest's most reputable suppliers of tape & label cores as well as a top manufacturer of paper cores, Western Container is the expert in providing reliable solutions. They offer a wide range of paper cores, from tape and label cores to film cores. Furthermore, each product is tailored to fit the unique requirements of its customers.

Western Container takes pride in its ability to deliver the product to ensure the utmost customer satisfaction. The distinguishing element of their services is that they offer small ID paper cores as small as 0.312" and large ID paper cores with an interior diameter range of 12" to 20".


What are Paper Cores?

Paper cores are long cardboard tubes with strong resistance to pressure from the outside. They go by the names spiral-wound paper cores and cores made of fiberboard. Adhesives are used for laminating or gluing the paper layers together. During production, the number of layers wrapped might affect the tube's wall thickness. A paper core is essentially a paper tube with a thick wall. Paper cores' substantially thicker walls allow for the winding of flexible webs or sheets into rolls during conversion processes.

Material Used to Make Paper Cores

Paper or paperboard wound plies are used to make paper cores and related goods. Brown kraft paper or paperboard can be layered in one, two, or more plies to create paper cores.

The liner, which is the innermost layer or plies, and the wrap, which is the outermost layer, can be made of special paper or various other materials (foil, film, etc.). The specialist paper and materials might offer color, images, or labeling in addition to water resistance. To summarize, paper cores are made from wood pulp in the form of recycled paper, paperboard, paper-adhesive composites, cardboard, kraft paper, waterproof/water-resistant cardboard, and fiberboard.

Types of Paper Cores

Paper cores are broadly categorized into two types: spiral wound and convoluted or parallel wound cores. Applications needing strong bend strength, crush resistance, and dynamic strength uses convolute wound tubes.

  • In spiral wound paper cores, the paper ply or plies in a spiral wound tube are wrapped around at an angle to the tube's axis.
  • In parallel or convoluted paper cores, the outer two sides of the paper strip are wrapped in convoluted tubes parallel to or at a 90-degree angle to the tube axis.

Applications of Paper Cores

There are a lot of applications of paper cores, some of which are given below:

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Film Cores for the Film IndustryFilm Cores for the Film Industry
Western Film Cores (Caution Film/Tape Core)
  • Cores with polished surfaces are employed in polyester film and audio tapes. Self-adhesive tapes and flexible film winding both employ paper cores. The adhesive tape is rolled outward to the polished outer skin of the paper core.
  • After the wool manufacturing procedure, a paper core is wound with wool and other natural fiber materials. The paper core to which the wool is bonded is frequently the foundation of the entire transportation procedure. This is then used to store denim, coir mat, and carpet yarn.
  • Jute is wound around paper cores after it is manufactured. The raw jute fiber is stretched and twisted back, using many cores attached parallel to each other to process jute. To maintain the external roughness, the jute must be wound carefully, and the paper core is frequently changed.
  • Small engineering components and items are kept in a medium-sized core to prevent harm to the items during packaging and shipment. Paper core is a great transporting medium for commodities that need to maintain accuracy and balance. The spirit level is one such item that can be harmed when transported in metal or other containers; as a result, it is made with a paper core to facilitate transportation.

Styles of Paper Cores

  • Paper cores are available in three styles; 1-piece, 2-piece, and 3-piece, each with various end alternatives, including flat edges, rolling edges (which are the most common), and metal/plastic plugs.
  • Paper tubes can be constructed with square, oval, hexagonal, triangular, or other custom shapes using a square, oval, or custom-shaped winding mandrel.
  • Custom shapes can be used to precisely fit the tube to the shape of a part or product while removing unused space and extra spacers or packing materials.

Custom Paper Cores

As one of the country’s leading paper core manufacturers, we provide fully customizable products at affordable prices. The different custom paper cores we provide are:

Custom Tape & Label Cores

Custom Large ID Paper Cores

Custom Small ID Paper Cores

Custom Film Cores


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