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Custom Large ID Paper Cores

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Custom Large ID Paper CoresCustom Large ID Paper Cores
Custom Large ID Paper Cores

Large items or bulk materials often need to be stored or transported in large paper cores. These cores can be difficult for a company to source. Furthermore, if your business needs large paper cores you also need them to be sturdy and durable so that the contents can be moved without risk of breakage or internal damage. Large ID paper cores from Western Container are the perfect products for situations like this.

Our large ID paper cores can be manufactured with a diameter of up to 24", so you really can get a paper core that?s as big as you need it to be. Our precise manufacturing process yields a superior product that you can always rely on.

Like all of our paper cores and tubes, the large ID paper cores are fully customizable. Just give us your specifications, and we can manufacture a core with a diameter between 12" and 24" that is long enough for your needs. Printing plates with custom designs and colors can be added to help identify your product or brand.

Western Container Custom Large ID Paper Cores

Western Container, from Beloit, Wisconsin, has launched a new addition to their production capabilities. The CM-14 has recently been added to the manufacturing line to meet the needs of large precision re-cutting. The CM-14 is a heavy-duty automatic core cutter designed to cut cores with large internal diameters with ease and speed.


  • 90" parent core length
  • 12" to 24" internal diameter capability
  • .010" cutcore width tolerance
  • 5 minute core size conversion
  • Clean, square burr-free cuts

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Other Products

Don't forget that Western Container is a dynamic company with products the meet the needs of customers in many different industries. Besides large paper cores, we also have small paper cores, mailer tubes, packaging supplies and so on. Whatever your packaging problem is, chances are that we have a solution! Best of all, our quality goods are available to you at a competitive price.

About Us

We are a progressive manufacturer of spiral wound paper tubes and precision cores. Based in Beloit, Wisconsin, we serve customers across the country from our state-of-the-art facility. Using the latest technology and expert techniques, we are able to manufacture custom paper tubes and cores for almost anyone. We're committed to providing our customers with superior quality and service at an affordable price. Contact us today to find out how we can serve you!

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