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Western Container Corporation News & Events


Western Container - New Construction - 5/26/21

We are excited to unveil our new $8 million investment in a second Western Container manufacturing facility in Janesville, WI. In total we’ll be employing 15-25 at our opening.

Western Container Donates Paper Tubes to the Rockford School District for Eclipse Viewing - 8/17/2017

This summer, the talk of the town (read: the country) was the solar eclipse that moved across our sky in late August. Everybody wanted in, so much so that stores and libraries ran out of the eclipse glasses needed to safely view this natural phenomenon.

Your Source For Packaging Supplies & Boxes - 10/6/2016

In almost every industry, packaging is important somewhere along the line. Whether you're preparing goods for sale in retail settings, or getting ready to ship items to a distributor, you need packaging supplies and boxes to get the job done.

The New Mobile CRM from Western Container - 9/23/2016

If you have a big business that operates in multiple states or countries and manages the distribution of a large volume of goods, you need a highly organized system for keeping inventory, tracking sales, accessing company data, etc.

Why You Might Need Composite Cans - 9/20/2016

"What exactly is a composite can?", you might be wondering. Well, we will answer that question first before we explain why you might need them. A composite can is a can that is made using composite materials like cardboard, plastics and paper.

High Quality Colored Mail Tubes - 7/25/2016

Based out of Beloit, Wisconsin Western Container Corporation is a highly regarded manufacturer of precision cores as well as spiral wound paper tubes in addition to a number of other similar products.

Some of the Best Custom Tape and Label Cores Out There - 7/15/2016

Based in Beloit, Wisconsin Western Container Corporation has been a progressive manufacturer of spiral wound paper tubes and precision cores for a number of years.

New Intern at Western Container Corporation! - 6/10/2016

Here at Western Container Corporation we're happy to announce that we have a new summer intern joining the team! Grant Brewer, who is currently studying Engineering Physics at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville.

Custom Mailing Tubes - 5/20/2016

Based out of Beloit, Wisconsin Western Container Corporation is a proud manufacturer of all things paper tube and paper core. We specialize in spiral wound paper tubes and precision cores, which can be used for a wide range of applications and are found in a number of different industries.

The Best Paper Cores in the Midwest - 4/11/2016

Out of Beloit, Wisconsin Western Container Corporation is one of the most progressive manufacturers of spiral wound paper tubes and precision cores.

Types of Mailing Tubes - 11/19/2015

As a mailing tube manufacturer we know that there are many different styles and types of mailing tubes out there. Each with their own set of advantages depending on the application.

Building Homes with Paper Tubes - 11/4/2015

Becoming environmentally friendly is something that a lot of companies are striving for these days, and because of this a lot of these companies are on the lookout for new ways to create environmentally friendly products that are both practical and recyclable.

The Versatility of Paper Tubes - 10/13/2015

Paper Tubes has a number of different uses and application, common ones include paper towel tubes, housing toilet paper, wrapping paper tubes, mailing tubes and a number of other commercial uses.

Where to Find Paper Cores - 9/29/15

Paper cores are made from wood pulp and are designed to provide stability from the inside of wrapped products such as wrapping paper and other applications.

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