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The New Mobile CRM from Western Container

If you have a big business that operates in multiple states or countries and manages the distribution of a large volume of goods, you need a highly organized system for keeping inventory, tracking sales, accessing company data, etc. You need a complete CRM solution that allows your business to function at a higher level for the benefit of executives, employees and customers alike. Because we realize this kind of categorical organization is in such high demand among the industries that we work with, we've created a new mobile CRM to help you stay up to date with all of your company's important data.

The mobile CRM from Western Container provides information at the touch of a button to sales people, executives and customers. There doesn't need to be any more confusion about distribution, inventory, sales records and so on. With our mobile CRM, you'll be able to answer questions and anticipate needs like never before. The user can set updates so that the system reminds them of important details when specified intervals are reached.

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of the mobile CRM is that its cloud-based live data is available to users within your company anytime, anywhere with 100% up to date information. Your sales team can look into sales numbers, view shipments, create or manage quotes and check on the status of a job for customers. Meanwhile, executives can get a better idea of what is going on in the company operationally as they check out orders, sales patterns, contacts and more. Customers can even be provided with access to the CRM to view the status of their shipments, orders and jobs.

With the new mobile CRM from Western Container, everybody wins. Your business will benefit from accurate information that's just beneath their fingertips, and customers will have a better idea of what you are doing for them. To learn more about this system or inquire about our products, give us a call today. We're committed to serving your needs and we look forward to serving your company in the best way possible.

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